Water Treatment Plant Design

Clean, safe water is vital for everyday life. Water is essential for health, hygiene and the productivity of our community, industries and agriculture.

CWD are experts in water supply and treatment. We work with customers to sustainably meet the demands of a modern water network with our comprehensive engineering design and environmental services. A customized suitable water treatment plant has to be designed considering the volume of water to be treated, characteristics of naturally available water and what purpose water is going to be used.

Drinking water treatment plant ensures killing of pathogenic micro-organisms such viruses, bacterial etc that carry diseases, removal of organic, inorganics and humic acids etc there by providing people with clean healthy drinking water.

The typical water treatment plant consists of designed Raw water tank, filter feed tank, chlorination unit, Pressure sand filter, Activated carbon filter and softener unit.

The capacities and other technical specifications of the above components are decided based on the quantity of water treated, characteristics of raw untreated water and purpose of usage of treated water.

Scheme of Treatment of Water:

A reliable supply of water is vital to maintain continued production from industry and agriculture.

CWD optimizes processes to provide more efficient operation at reduced cost, improved quality and environmental compliance. Power, oil and gas, mining, agriculture and commercial/industrial industries rely on our multi-disciplinary services to deliver focused solutions for water supply, treatment and re-use.