Due to unplanned urbanization, the % of impervious land has increased drastically causing all the storm water to flow as overland flow instead of infiltration at the place of concentration. This has resulted in ground water depletion and in turn scarcity of drinking water.

Rain water harvesting (RWH) involves collection of rainwater and its storage for on-site reuse or recharging of ground water through recharge pits. The aim of rain water harvesting is to minimize the surface runoff and maximize the usage of rain water/recharge ground water table as there is increased depletion of ground water availability in urban areas because of ever growing demand of water due to higher density of population.

Rain water is the purest form of water. Rain water if harvested scientifically can be used for domestic purpose with installation of natural filter and the excess water can be diverted into ground for recharging water table through recharge pits and injection wells. The RWH solutions are usually rected at maximum collection of rainwater (Near 100%) for domestic use and recharge of ground water through recharge pits to maintain the ecological balance of the surroundings.

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CWD also provides Rain Water Harvesting solutions to apartments, commercial buildings and industrial complexes. The RWH solutions are usually directed at maximum collection of rainwater (Near 100%)  for domestic use and recharge of ground water through recharge pits to maintain the ecological balance of the surroundings

We offer RWH solutions for

  • Commercial complexes
  • Houses
  • Large industries


Surface Runoff Harvesting:

It is the flow of water that occurs when excess stormwater, meltwater, or other sources flows over the Earth’s surface. This might occur because soil is saturated to full capacity, because rain arrives more quickly than soil can absorb it, or because impervious areas (roofs and pavement) send their runoff to surrounding soil that cannot absorb all of it. This water is diverted to lakes, pongs or rivers. This type harvesting is a solution for water scarcity, inundation and drainage problems.

Roof Top Rainwater Harvesting:

 This includes collection of rain water falling on rooftops and storing it in underground tanks or open surface water bodies for different usages or for recharging the ground water table through recharge pits. Capturing rooftop water is the simple and cost-effective approach which promotes sustainable water management.

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