Environmental Management Solutions

Water is linked to every aspect of human life. Depleting water resources is resulting in a continuous decline in per capita availability and becoming a matter of concern. Increase in population, urbanization and rapid industrialization are putting this resource under stress. As a result of population growth, per capita water availability has been declining, as a result of which, there could be a “Water Stress”. The growing gap between supply and the demand for water is forcing to find new ways of achieving higher growth without using more water.

Water is in abundance on earth and two third of the earth is filled with water. But all of this can’t be used for various human requirements without proper treatment as that water contains various salts and other chemicals that are not suitable for consuming. Hence, a customized suitable water treatment plant has to be designed considering the volume of water to be treated, characteristics of naturally available water and what purpose water is going to be used.

Wastewater is the water which has been released to the environment that is defined as a combination of the water plus wastes that have been added to the water from a variety of uses, such as industrial, commercial, residences. Hence, it is important that the used waste water generated from households and Industries is re-used for secondary usage such as flushing, non-potable industrial usage, gardening, car washing and at all other possible places before diverting to natural water bodies. This way water demand can be reduced to an extent.


CWD offers effective and efficient services in the field of Environmental engineering. Designing of powerful treatment technologies is one of the core areas of CWD. Areas of expertise include design and development of water, wastewater and effluent treatment plants. Successfully designing and implementing efficient biological and mechanical techniques aims at improving the water quality and meeting the required standards.

CWD provide service for industrial, domestic, municipal and commercial sectors. We are committed in providing the best, robust and cost effective solutions for waste water and water treatment. The solution we offer abides by the norms and the specifications prescribed by national and international standards. We are privileged to work on the nation’s most prestigious environmental engineering project Namaami Gange under National Mission for Clean Ganga.